Freitag, 12. Oktober 2007

German Two-Seaters in Focus: Part 1

Hello mates,

this time i want your comments on this German two seater aircraft. It is an LVG C.II, maybe we can discuss a bit about details we see on the image.


Kilian hat gesagt…

First thing that i would be interested in: What is this round box attached to the undercarriage?

Srecko hat gesagt…

Image is very nice. It look much like the Hansa Brandenburg and its might to be that designers have similar ideas and focus in one moment.

Joachim hat gesagt…

Hallo, found this page through Aerodrome forum. The round box might be a generator without it's prop. It's mounted outside of the u/c because of the bomb guards hanging down from the fuselage. The engine is a Mercedes, exhaust on right and the prop seems to be a Wolff.
I like twoseaters much more than fighters!

Kilian hat gesagt…

Hi Joachim. You may be right. Some people told also in the meanwhile it could be a generator without a prop.