Donnerstag, 25. Oktober 2007

German Two-Seaters in focus: Part II

Hello Mates.

Last time we had the LVG C.II machine. Here we have another two seater machine with a large group of airmen? posing in front of it. First thing would be to identify the model type.

My first guess would be another Alb. C.III
Since ive seen versions with the chimney to the left and others to the right. I guess it depends on the motor and factory specific differences to distinguish.

Any comments are appreciated.


Jay hat gesagt…

Hi Kilian,

Nice fotograf....Lokks like the upper wing's tips have wash out.
Tell all of those people to move so I can have a better study of the machine in question.

Regards, FOKKERJ

Joachim hat gesagt…

Alb C.III is right, wing outline and cut-out, slots under nose all fit well. The early Benz engines up to 150 PS had intake manifold AND exhaust on the left side, but here we have a Mercedes with an "Eduard" prop, but not quite so large as in the kit.

Kilian hat gesagt…

Thanks for your inputs Joachim!
Seems like i have neglected my blog a bit in the last months. Will post something new soon.

Anonym hat gesagt…
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